Please enjoy these beautiful paintings. Our gallery is dedicated to the exhibiting and sales of the highest quality original works. We do no appraising, framing or sales of reproductions, and we work to promote and preserve the most enduring values in American Art.

Art is many things, but the most important is the sharing of human commonalities and differences that cannot be expressed by language.

Why is painting, the most gentle and innocuous of professions, so often treated as a vice? My good fortune is to have been a painter all my life. Everything else is a footnote.


The technology of 3D printing has had a huge impact on artwork. After 3D printers were introduced in 1980s, they have been further developed to create many kinds of amazing works. 3D printing is the technology of scanning a model to create an object layer by layer from materials such as filaments, sandstone, ceramic, bronze, titanium or gold.

3D printer

It has been widely used in many industries especially in the art world. Designers use 3D printers and 3D scanners to produce 3D printed fashion, 3D printed furniture and 3D printed sculptures. It can work on very complex details and textures. Works from 3D printing techniques are not regular art, but more than that, they are a connection between art and technology.

Many artists use 3D printing techniques to create masterpieces; Rob and Nick Carter created 3D Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers, Adam Lowe recreated King Tut’s Tomb, Joshua Harker created his self-portrait of a skull, Diemut Strebe 3D printed Vincent Van Gogh’s Ear and designer Iris Van Herpen added 3D printed dresses to her fashion show.

3D printing technology is still developing and it is just in its infancy. Many 3D printer and scanner producers have started to develop  products on the market for household users. Many industries have added 3D printers to create better works. ‘3D printed art’ is growing and it can considered to be an evolution to the art world.