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Garden Problems?

Your garden is a mess, and you just don’t know where to begin. Weeds everywhere, a lawn you need to chop through with a machete, and bushes so overgrown even the squirrels have moved out. It can be too much to contemplate at one time. The energy and expense are just too painful to think about. But it has to be faced sometime.  So what are the options? Where do you start? Who do you call for help? Let’s consider some possibilities:

  1. Slab everything!

A bit of a knee jerk reaction some people have when faced with the prospect of an unruly garden. Even if you did get on top of the lawn and pruned the bushes and cut back the trees, you’ll be obliged to continue maintaining the area for ever more. If you are not interested in gardening whatsoever this prospect can seem like a bit of a bind. The thought of a simple, carefree patioed or slabbed garden can appeal to those who have no interest in nature, or whose interest goes no further than a few potted plants. However, many a homeowner has made the dramatic decision to slab only to realise how much they miss the greenery of a natural setting. Beware you don’t let your distaste for clearing a garden cloud your true feelings. Remember, it’s a difficult and expensive process to reverse once made. Slabbed backyards can incorporate a lot of foliage but the organic, natural effect of a garden cannot be replicated.

If this is what you want, fear not. There are many landscape gardening and construction firms throughout Australia which can carry out his work. Shop around and you’ll likely find a competent provider offering services at a competitive price.


  1. Do it Yourself

garden toolsEven if you are not much of a gardener, the truth is most people are capable of creating an attractive garden with a little planning and bit of elbow grease. Big jobs just need to be broken down. Firstly the lawn needs to be tackled. If it is seriously overgrown a strimmer will be required. This is where doing-it-yourself becomes a turn-off for many: if you don’t have the equipment necessary for the task at hand you will need to purchase it, or hire it. Hiring it may be cheaper in the short-term but once the garden is under control you’ll need to maintain it, so actually owning some gardening equipment is a good idea.

With a clear lawn space this provides room to tackle bushes and trees. To save time mechanical equipment can be used. Chainsaws can make quick work of these task but beware of using such machinery without proper training or instruction, and if there is a requirement to work at height it is recommended to call in the services of a professional tree surgeon.


  1. Turf the Area

turf and houseIf the garden has been untouched for a very long time it may be difficult to bring the lawn back to an attractive state. In such circumstances it may be prudent to have the area re-turfed. THe process is not as difficult as many people imagine and in many situations it is by far the easiest solution to a problem garden. There are lots of professional companies throughout Australia like A View Turf which offers comprehensive turfing services.


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