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Young, and not so young, professionals these days have less free time than ever before. That’s despite all the modern technology which supposedly makes all our lives a little easier. The truth is all the advances in IT, transport, engineering, and medicine, have allowed us to spend even more time at the office, and some of the everyday chores which were once taken for granted as part of a weekly schedule are more and more being outsourced to third parties. This has created a huge market for new companies to cater to the growing number of busy professional who just don’t have the time to do everything for themselves.

Here are some interesting services which are becoming big business in towns and cities around Australia:


Dog Walking Dog Walking – Once a niche market with only a few providers who were mainly dog owners themselves, this has become a booming industry. People love their dogs and if there is anything they’ll spend their hard earned cash on it’s providing for their pooch. Even although there are now many providers, potential customers are wary of leaving their best friend in the company of complete strangers. Businesses with good feedback are always sought after in this field and top quality dog walkers can earn a very comfortable income, as well as spend time with their new furry friends.


Laundry Services –  The never ending cycle of washing and ironing can seem to much to bear sometimes, and many of us are guilty of wearing clothes for an extra day or two when we know it’s time for wash. Luckily there are many providers these days who offer collect and delivery laundry services at price which might surprise you. It’s a competitive industry with many small to medium sized companies offering great deals if minimum orders can be guarantees. Also, believe it or not, there are people out there who actually love doing ironing!


Personal Shopper – Sometimes it’s quite pleasant to wander round a supermarket, but after a long day at work most of us just want to get home. Personal shoppers are becoming increasingly popular. Twice a week message a local shopper a list of what you fancy, and when you get home your fridge is fully stocked. Also, if you’re trying to watch your figure, a healthy personal shopper can guide you in the right direction – a good way to avoid temptation.


house cleaningCleaner – By far the best provider to hire. Really, who wants to come home and clean a bathroom? Even if we made the mess! One of cleaning visits can be a little bit expensive but if you find a reliable, professional company it might be work agreeing to an extended contract if the price is right. There are many cleaning firms throughout Australia which offer great monthly and yearly contracts.  Companies like Calibre Cleaning ,which operates in and around the Melbourne area, can provide dedicated, police screened cleaners for all manner of domestic and commercial jobs.

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