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Make that Garden Party Special

Who doesn’t love a house party? Well, maybe the neighbours if they’re not invited, but most of us love to get together with friends and family in a familiar, comfortable setting and let our hair down. Problem is sometimes the house in question may not be big enough to hold all the partygoers. In such an event, and weather permitting, it’s a good idea to let things meander into the garden.  Great idea, but what about the guests? Where will they sit? What if the heavens open?

Well, have no fear. There are several options to ensure your friends are comfortable inside or out. Let’s take a look at some simple equipment that can make a house party one to remember:

umbrella in garden

The Marquee – A sign of a true party throwing pro. Marquees are for the big players. If you have the space why not rent one for an evening. There are many companies who will deliver and erect, and come back the next day to dismantle and take away. It’s an idea party addition if there are lots of guests expected, and if the weather might let you down


The Gazebo – Probably the first choice accessory for anyone holding a real party and not just an informal gathering. Gazebos are great because there are so many options out here you’re bound to find an ideal match. Whether to choose open or walled is mainly down to weather concerns. An open gazebo is great as a sun shelter, while walled can be a nice refuge form a passing squall. There are lots of options to buy or rent and assembly is usually childsplay.


Beanbags – Seating is a definite requirement, but why not try something a bit cosy. Beanbags are great for partygoes. They are fun, informal, and really do allow people to relax and unwind in a way traditional seating just can’t do. Easily moved, easily stored away, and very durable, the beanbag is the throne of any self respecting party animal.


Umbrellas – If a marquee or gazebo are deemed unnecessary, you might at least offer a little shade from the sun or rain. Umbrellas are an ideal way to give everyone refuge from the elements without breaking the bank. Also, umbrellas really do have a charming effect on a garden, and guests tend to use them as unofficial meeting spots. Even if a marquee is in place umbrellas can be a lovely addition.


Flags & banners – If there is any particular meaning to the party why not have it in writing. A birthday celebration can have an added bit of sparkle with a banner announcing to the world that you are now one year closer to retirement.


gardenLuckily most of these items can be rented, and there are companies throughout New Zealand which specialise in every conceivable form of party paraphernalia. One Stop Promotions custom gazebos from Auckland can provide all the items listed above, and a host of other specialist party equipment.