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An Often Overlooked Craft

Ever considered a career change? Are you someone with a lot of hidden talent just simmering under the surface? It’s a sad fact that many people live their lives in a job they really dislike. For one reason or another they end up becoming involved in an industry which doesn’t inspire them, and usually due to financial commitments, they remain there for a lot longer than planned. Mortgage repayments, car loans, university fees, they all become a huge burden which binds many to an unfulfilling work life which serves no other purpose than to pay the bills.

Some, however, get an opportunity to find out what motivates them, then look for a suitable vocation which offers a channel for their talents. This is something we all must aspire to do at some point in our working lives. The prospect of earning a living from a task which inspires us should be a catalyst for everyone, and it is noted that the only true success in life is gained by those who have a passion for their craft.

One profession in particular which seems to produce a high degree of contentment is the ancient art of stone masonry. Many professional stonemasons take enormous pride in their work and go to great lengths to produce beautifully crafted goods for an ever grateful public. The demand for experienced stonemasons has always been high, and today’s market seems to be no less so. It is a profession which few consider. A skill which doesn’t have the same appeal as other trades such as carpentry or bricklaying. Many young men and women considering learning a trade will bypass stonemasonry possibly because it is seen as outdated and in decline, which it certainly is not. This is unfortunate because this particular skill offers the practitioner a wonderful combination of art and design and problem solving. The learning curve for stonemasons is seemingly never ending, and dedicated workers can enjoy a fascinating and rewarding career.


One area a stonemason will have constant demand for goods is the memorial sector. For the families of recently departed loved ones a well crafted headstone or monument is a crucial part of the grieving process, and creating a fitting memorial is a task many stonemason take very seriously. The work which goes into the finished stone can, on many occasions, bring comfort and a sense of closure to many mourners, and professional tradesmen are aware of how important it is to create a product which will represent the life of a dearly loved being. To offer substandard work at such a sensitive time is simply not acceptable, and most ethical providers are very aware of this.

There are several memorial providers throughout Australia, but there are a handful of highly respected ones who have gained a reputation for exemplary work. Companies like Alpha 1 Memorial Stonemasons have acquired high praise for the quality of their work, and are regarded as having a tactful and sensitive approach to, what is for many, a very upsetting time.


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